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Baby you are the light of my life #ss6sg

Crossposted from threadsofharmony.wordpress.com because I'd like to spread the SJ love <3

They say you truly become a fan of a group when you love the group as a whole, and every single member that comes along with it.

I think it is safe for me to consider myself as a true fan of Super Junior.

2 years ago during Super Show 5 I was hesitant about the concert and group because of Yesung’s absence in the army. 2 years later the hesitance is long gone and what remains is only pure excitement and love for a single entity of 15 members called Super Junior. I still miss Yesung (terribly in fact), but army is part and parcel of life, and something I’ve gradually learnt to accept for the other members as they go in and out of the military service.

Today has been a day I have been longing for for a long time, because Teuk leader is finally back and so is Heechul my new bias wrecker. And so even though there were so many – and I have to say SO MANY of my friends who were once avid fans of SJ, this round it was different. I could not find anyone to go for the concert with me.

It was a sickening feeling. Granted most of them had excuses – of course Finals is more important than anything else, but there were those who felt differently about the group, and so many of them at that, made me feel hopeless.

Why didn’t anyone like SJ anymore?

Is it because they are old? Other groups are better? Scandals and big news and military service?

Till today, I still don’t know the answer, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Today, I finally learnt that those people who are meant to stay will stay, and those meant to leave will leave, and we shall all take that in stride.

A senior whom I didn’t talk to much till she graduated was so nice to offer me to go for the concert with her and her friend, and even contacted me personally to help me ;A; I don’t know if you’ll ever read this Angie, but if you do, THANKYOU SO MUCH <3 :’) from getting us the most wonderful seats to spazzing with me before the concert and grabbing freebies and also screaming with me in the concert!!!!

Now onto the concert, the exciting part.

Needless to say all the videos were all hilariously ridiculous and funny, and I got huge laughs and screams out of them because HOW DO THEY ALL LOOK SO YOUNG AND HOT AS LATE TWENTIES/EARLY THIRTIES MEN?! I cry. When the lights dimmed the adrenaline rush kicked in and I practically screamed my lungs out like a maniac (whats new LOL)

Then the members all appeared one by one and I have to say that my eyes were just solely kept on Teukie and Heechul at first because I have not seen teukie for so long and I HAVE NOT SEEN HEECHUL BEFORE AND I HAVE TO SAY THAT HE IS LIKE THE MOST GORGEOUS BEING ON EARTH. HIS FACE IS UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL AND ALMOST PORCELAIN & DOLL-LIKE and despite his hair being that ahjussi hairstyle somehow it complements him absolutely perfectly. There is no other word to describe him other than perfect. Argh. <3 And Teukie – my goodness, this leader was terribly missed because there is something different about SS5 when he was absent in 2013. I don’t know how to put it, but now I finally understand why the others say they cannot live without leader Teuk ;A; none of us can tbh. One thing good about not having your bias at the concert is that you can pay all the other members much more attention lol.

Some of my favourite performances I absolutely have to name:

1) Kyuhyun’s beautiful solo. It was heartrending – everything from his facial expression to the conveyance of the music and how he sang the song. At Gwanghwamun has to be one of my absolute favourites of his and he is just <3 My heart just wrenched at how he sang the song with the perfect amount of emotion. And the adlibs – he isn’t a main vocal for nothing.

2) Ryeowook’s amazing rendition of Jay Chou’s Qi Li Siang. Recently I’ve been taking a break from kpop music and listening to Jay Chou’s songs because he is just amazing and the songs he write have damn beautiful lyrics with beautiful melodies. And this happens to be one my most favourite songs of his – argh I have a weakness for oriental instrumentals. So Ryeowook really did an AWESOME PERFECT cover of it my goodness ;A;

3) Leeteuk’s solo. I realise how much I have missed him – he was never at the top of my bias list, but somehow, there was something in the song he sang, Huh Gak’s Hello. I don’t know why but I felt near to tears when I heard him sing and I just listened to it quietly and aww-ed silently at him. Thankyou Leader for coming back to us safely <3

4) The special portion dedicated to Shindong. The song he sang (on video, that is) really struck a chord with my heart. Its the kind of empty feeling when you know the person should be there, but he isn’t actually. They left a mic on stage there during that part and I just ;A; teared. I miss him and Sungmin and Yesung gosh waiting for them to come back soon

5) Heechul’s drum solo. WOW I HAVE NO OTHER WORDS FOR IT BUT HE JUST HAS THE SWAG WHEN HE PLAYED THE DRUMS AND LIKE HEADBANG IN THE PROCESS LOL I can’t even at how good it was. This gorgeous ahjussi is absolute love.

6) ELSA competition. This is too epic I have no other words for it okay. What Big Elsa and El-sapphire blue and El-samurai SHEN ME LAI DE I LAUGHED LIKE CRAP AT THE VIDEO INTRO AND OMG THESE BUNCH OF AHJUSSIS SHAKKING THEIR ASS AND FAKE CHESTS I CRY IT WAS TOO FUNNY! Not to mention their interactions it was just a bunch of crazy Elsa’s on stage until the stage lose control already hahahhah pmsl

7) SJM perfs. Basically Swing plus Henry and Zhoumi solo. Henry’s fantastic is just fantastic. His violin is insane man like @@ and Zhoumi’s perf was nice because I like his song lol

I guess those are basically those performances that got me hooked more than anything else. But the ments are definitely something to remember. SJ oppars, have yall forgotten about Singlish? The last time you guys came here eunhyuk was only spouting lahs everywhere in the sentence. Today they were all trying to speak in proper english only, which means lots of pauses and limited vocabulary. I have never laughed so much in my life at the ments compared to ss4 and ss5 SERIOUSLY WHY ARE THE MENTS SO HILARIOUS THIS ROUND

Firstly the introduction was some crazy epicness because Kyuhyun was trying to show his excellence with his english and chinese with his usual standard phrases of 你们正在收看的是圭贤. LOL KYUBB YOU ARE TOO CUTE ALREADY. And this round Siwon’s Chinese and English has improved SO SO SO MUCH WOW U HAVE BEEN HANGING OUT TOO MUCH W JACKIE CHAN LOLS I was so impressed at being able to comprehend him properly! People like Heechul and Leeteuk were also super epic because omg they said Heechul was an English Major I JUST DIED LIKE OK HEECHUL CAN HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA and poor teukie was trying his best but cannot omg HAHAHA. Thanks for saying us singaporean girls are sexy free and single I know u are saying that because ITS YOUR TITLE SONG AND U HAVE LIMITED VOCABULARY AHAHHAHAHA LOOL. The members all get their vocabulary lessons from english songs they sing such as Whenever you go and Dangerousss omg

Then after that during the SJM ment with henry and zhoumi only I was almost rolling off my seat already because zhoumi wanted to talk and he ask henry to be the translator SUPER FUNNY OMG X.X I just died when henry introduce himself as zhoumi and the blank space beside zhoumi because everything he translated was direct HAHAHHAHAH

Then in the middle ment was epic as one by one the members appeared. I think it was when the members kept trying to sing shindong’s song and were given warnings by their fellow members hahaha. Then Ryeowook appeared with the cutest and most epic luminous yellow pink grey jacket its so bling but it looks so cute on him!! unf Ryeowook was really a cute little boiboi especially at the end of the concert where he was playing with the stuffed animal bag and wore it and played with it with the other members ahhhhh hahhahaha. Then suddenly kyuhyun appeared and said: ENEMY! COMING SOON. In english. I TOTALLY DIED OF LAUGHTER AT THAT PART BECAUSE KYUBB HAS BEEN A TOTALLY CUTE AND HANDSOME AND ADORABLE POTATO <3 But the highlight was after that Siwon and Teukie said: COMING SOON… YESUNG.


I just exploded out of feels in that moment. BECAUSE YES IT REALLY DAWNED ON ME PROPER THAT YESUNG IS COMING BACK. MY BIAS WHOM I HAVE WAITED FOR SO LONG IS COMING BACK IN TWO DAYS. Even though I have gone through so much pain these two years not seeing him on tv but being able to see him in real life last year was definitely a highlight. AND THE MEMBERS ARE ALL SHOWING ENTHUSIASM FOR THIS MAIN VOCAL TO BE BACK ohmygoodness I seriously screamed so hard because FINALLY TWO YEARS OF WAITING HAS PAID OFF.

Then for one of the ending ments Heechul was once again showing his wonderful english only consisting of: I don’t care, whatever. As well as tonight i go to your room. OMG heechul you are as sweet talker as donghae but please come into my room why you haven’t come aiyo <3<3

Although it was all great fun and the concert was filled with so much excitement, what really mattered was near the end. Leeteuk said: This year is our tenth year of debut… Even though we are going to have changes in member lineup later these years, super junior will always be forever, right? That moment really made me want to tear. It isn’t easy being in the tenth year in this business. They’ve gone through so much ups and downs, its already past their peak, they are one by one going to the army and getting married, that it’s not easy to stay as one – we see it as how the numerous fans have left the fandom. But there was something he said that made me feel so so much for this group – so much so that I know that I will definitely be one of those staying till the end ;A;

Not to mention Siwon’s words that he spoke in english ever so clearly. He asked us ELF to promise one thing.

“Just don’t change your heart.”

How simple a request this is, spoken with few words, but full of conviction and emotion, and a plea at that. Its this that made me realise that those who are meant to go would go, and those meant to stay would stay. And when he spoke that and the audience responded, I know that these are the people who’s heart won’t change.

And I’d like to safely say that it would be the same for me.

Needless to say, the concert ended on a perfect note. Comparatively this would not be as exciting a concert as the previous two, given that it’s my third time, but what’s different is the kind of love I feel for the group.

The first time, it was an adrenaline of adoration and crazy infatuation.

The second time, it was teetering between dissipating or growing stronger.

The third time, it is nothing but steadfast, strong and certain love.

Four years down the road, with so many things happening, but the love still remains; thankyou for everything, Super Junior. I can’t thank you enough for being one of the sources of strength in my life.

Till the next time we meet; everything might be different, but something will never change, and that is our love.




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