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Can you hear me

I need help.

Burning out now is the LAST thing I want to happen. And it's not helping that KRY concerts and SMTOWN all together this week is helping. I need to stop being so affected by kpop. I think I'm going to be bloody depressed this Friday. SMTOWN in Singapore - my greatest dream, and IM NOT GOING.

Damn you, A levels. I'm going to beat the hell out of you so that I'm going to make missing SMTOWN completely worth it.

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Countdown, time check

19 more days.

Let's do this.

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I dont understand why on earth I am getting this?!?! GO AWAY WON'T YOU?! URGH


And always on same post?! oh dear god that is my precious fic.

just stop. I beg you.

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Breakfast at Starbucks!

Breakfast with the hierarchy^^

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One year ago, if you asked me what I thought of Hwa Chong's life, I would have given you a sad smile and a huge sigh.

Ask me this question today, and I'll ponder a moment, before replying honestly: I suffered, but it was worth it.

Thinking about it, Junior College life never started off on the correct note. I remembered how I used to cry every night for the first semester, missing my old classmates very much. It hurts when you grow attached for too long, and a part of you is simply unwilling to accept the harsh reality that you have to adapt to a new life, and be independent this time round. No more coddling by the teachers, no more safe haven of the classroom.

But somehow, through these ups and downs in the first year, by the time the second year came, it became much easier to adapt to changes, and to make the most out of Singapore's schooling education before it comes to an end. Though these two years have flown by, SO, SO MUCH has happened, and I have so much people to thank for, in which I'll be dedicating to in this blog post.

Firstly, to my dearest rioHC members. being in choir is the one decision that I will never regret. I have been in the choir for nine years, and this is the fourth choir I've been a member of, but the times that I have spent with rioHC has been the most memorable and happy out of all, even if it was the one that I shed the most tears for. From having the most awesome batchmates and especially 8 wonderful and dearest Alto sectionmates, to becoming Alto SL, my greatest dream come true... sometimes rioHC doesn't feel like its a reality. But fortunately, it is, and I'm so glad that it happened. Special mention goes to dearest altos:

Yvonne, for being my closest ever friend for six years in choir, and always being there for me
Lynette, for always hyping up the choir and being the awesome person you are
Youming, for always linking arms with me and giving suggestions during sectionals, and for cheering me up when I was down
Melinda, for being such an awesome buddy and cheering on the section during the most difficult times
Grace, for being the most wonderful daughter and always never failing to cheer me on during the hardest times in April
Bei Ying, for spazzing with me about suju and being crazy during alto times
Lena, for being an awesome A2 sectionmate and being bright and happy
Jiale, for always being very funny and passionate during sectionals

Wombat club:
Peizheng, for being the best wombat club president and someone that I can be myself with
Weijun, for being a cute little bro and always turning red at Ms Lim's mentions
Derrick, for being an awesome twin who always cares for my wellbeing
Amanda, whom I have confided in very much and love dearly
Perry, for being a good friend and someone I can talk to comfortably
Leting, whom has always angered me but we always make up in the end (aww :P)

Next, to my dearest 405 classmates, whom I've stuck with these two years meeting up every morning and having fun with them before boring school starts. You guys... I'm really, really glad that we've managed to stay close for four years, and you're going to be the group I'm gonna miss so freaking much. Thanks for the memories, and for helping me stay strong during those times when I thought life was so bleak.

Adelle, for being my bestest friend ever for four years and my fellow yewook fangirl <3
Kailin, for always telling lame and funny jokes and for being a fellow ELF <3
Youming (Look I mentioned you twice!), for always being there for me to confide in and to talk to <3
Huiyi, for enduring my complete and utter nonsense every morning as I nag at her
Alicia, for always being funny and an awesome tuition mate
Jiamin, for also being an awesome tuition mate and laughing at my fail @ GP
Sheryl, for always being so cheerful and upbeat no matter what circumstances

Last and definitely not least, to the people I have spent the most time with for all these two years, walking from class venue to venue, eating at the school canteen, and partying with after each tough paper has been done. To the most awesome hierachy in the world, it was definitely a regret that we've only became so much closer this year, but I really, really appreciate the times we had, and I'm gonna miss you guys so, so much!!!!!! :'( 11S7G ROCKS^^

Jingwen: I remember the time last year, when i was SO OVERJOYED that you were in the same class as me! I knew practically NO ONE, except for you. We've actually known each other for six years, but then we only got closer these two years, which I am really happy for(: You have always been someone whom I can talk to comfortably, and I'm really glad that you've helped to make life in jc more bearable at the beginning.
Yingxin: Its quite funny how we already kind of knew each other beforehand in OG35, but never really got around to know each other. But with the help of Jingwen we got closer(: Thanks for being somebody that I can always go crazy with, even though sometimes you can get quite scary hehe. Singing songs with you in class and doing silly things has always been fun and going to your house to play is probably one of my favourite things to do haha(:
Yumin: MY DEAR CORNIE!!!!!!!! You awesome gurl! (: It has been of great regret that we only became close like at the end of last year, but I really enjoy the times spent sitting beside you/going out/lab times. And thankyou for enduring my immense crazy spazzing about Yesung, as well as supporting my FFs! I'm definitely going to miss you lots, so we must keep in touch. <3
Shiaowei: This hierachy mate! Why didn't I learn of your craziness earlier! You would have spared me of the humiliation, seriously ._. haha kidding^^ anyway, thanks for always being on the same frequency as me, with jokes that only we two can understand, and for always being my toilet buddy too haha. And playing navigation with you is soooooooooooooo fun lets play it after As!(:
Amanda: Thanks mandy for teaching me chem/whatever subj that I spam on the whatsapp convo hahahha. Even though you can be really scary at times and a beeg beeg bully, but you're awesome to be around with and I love your Monday syndrome, please have it everyday^^ Oh! And without you and Yumin, I would probably not be spazzing about Homin with both of you now, so hehe :D
Belinda: MY DARLINGDARLING SIS!!! <3 :D :D :D I am really going to miss you, not having someone of the same name as me already ): Thanks for always be tolerant of my bullying, and for being such a silly pamsy <3 you know I adore you for that right? Even though I know you DETEST my hugs. Hmph. My hugs are not being appreciated (but you are so huggable!) but yep my fellow ELF thanks for getting stuffs from Korea for me too, and for being tolerant of my spazzing for yesung hehe^^ oh, and for always helping me when I'm in need!
Songyang: Hey :D Although we only got closer this year, I enjoy the mornings at the class bench where we spend spazzing about JYJ hehe! And you've been such a responsible and awesome assistant CT rep haha. Oh, and for being in the other half of the chem class where we're always so freaking lonely without the rest^^
Yueqi: Hammy! Thanks for being such a cutie and not being mad even tough you're always bullied. Even though we've known each other for five years, we only managed to get closer this year, and I'm thankful for the times we spent <3
Jiahui: My fellow PW mate whom I utterly got mad at last time, thanks for being a awesome friend and 174 bus mate. And seriously, even though you keep annoying me with Yesook and whatnot, you've really been an awesome friend.
Joel: Heheh thanks for always being funny, at the class bench in the morning when I'm whining and complaining about you mugging. :P and for always telling lame jokes that are so lame I even laugh at them HAAHA ^^

There's so much more that I want to say here, but... IT WOULD SPOIL THE SURPRISE WOULDN'T IT?! So for now, I'm gonna keep everything short here. (: You guys will get your letters!

Now that graduation day is over, its finally time to consolidate everything, and to move on towards the final upcoming battle.

And with the immense support from fellow teachers and friends, I'm ready to face it. (:

So, bring it on.

Grad day

To my very dearest <3


As if I couldn't fall any deeper, I still did.

I wonder how is it possible to get infatuated with one person and become even more infatuated over time. it's like falling into a bottomless pit. and I don't know how to get out. afraid that delusions will set in. I don't know what to do. all I can do, is just to love him more. <3

I shan't be afraid, I shall step up and face it.

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Title: Our love will span an eternity
Pairing: Yewook, slight!Kyumin
Genre: Romance, Friendship, humor
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Ryeowook the giraffe meets Jongwoon the turtle, and they question the meaning of love for eternity.
Warning: Un'betaed!!

It was the start of a beautiful friendship, and so much more.Collapse )