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Reflections before the big day

I really haven't post in the longest time, have I?

Checking back, yes i did. I wanted to blog a post right after A levels, but there was too many fulfilling things to do after that - korean lessons, driving, working etc, that I haven't had time to properly form coherent sentences to post. This serves as opportunity though.

Looking back at 2012, I realise how much I have grown - from struggling to learn the best way of studying, to fulfilling my roles as sectional leader, and to be a better person overall. I think that compared to the pessimism and huge /bleak future/ thoughts I had in J1, 2012 was definitely filled with more hope as I became more determined with each step towards the final goal.

So its over, now what?

2013 will be a new year for me. No more sitting back, no more expressing pessimism without even trying, and most importantly, to fulfill my life's wishes. There's so much I have hoped for, and that I have the rest of my life to achieve. It will be difficult and there will be setbacks, but I know that determination will pull me through these waves. Of course, that doesn't mean I have to change myself to the extent of being unrecognisable; I will never ever lose my crazy, hyper self :P

Tomorrow marks the new beginning of our lives, where we move on from the safe and sheltered journey of junior college to a more independent one, growing up so our parents do not worry about us anymore. No matter what grades I ultimately receive, good or not-so-good, its important that I move on and improve myself constantly.

All the best to everyone getting back their A level results, and always keep the faith. (:




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